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Vienna, Austria

If you are classical music fans, European history buffs or art and architecture aficionados, Vienna is the trip for you. The city has a vast cache of cultural treats of any city in Europe. It's filled with gorgeous paintings and era-defining architecture from the Gothic, Baroque and Art Nouveau periods. It is the city that gave the world Mozart and Beethoven and remains the center for soul-stirring musical performances. You can relax at one of Vienna's famous coffee houses or dine on scrumptious local specialties like schnitzel. You can end your evening with a romantic horse drawn carriage ride through the cobblestone city.
Weather: June to August average daily temperatures run between 24 C to 29 C.

Things to do:

At the Hofburg Palace you will find a collection of museums containing treasures of the Hapsburg era, as well as breathtaking architecture. You can explore the city's rich history, visit St. Stephen’s Cathedral as well as enjoy a horse show at The Spanish Riding School.

Vienna is world-renowned for the heavenly music composed and performed within its city limits. Each Sunday morning you can hear the Vienna Boys Choir perform at the Hofburg Complex, and a trip to the Vienna State Opera is a necessity. A wide range of operas are performed in the stunning Baroque opera house, and if you find German opera frightening, not to worry -- they also perform the work of more accessible Italian composers like Giuseppe Verdi and Giacomo Puccini. At the Haus der Musik (House of Music) museum you can learn more about the city's musical past and try your hand at composing and conducting through interactive features.

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