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Travel Insurance

Rather be safe than sorry?

When making arrangements to book your trip, it’s also very important to consider the following:

  • What if you require medical assistance while away from home?
  • What if you have to cancel your trip?
  • Will you lose any/all the money you invested in your travel arrangements?
  • What if your luggage's are lost or significantly delayed in transit?
  • What if you have to interrupt or delay your trip due to unforeseen events?

Our partner, Manulife Insurance, offers you security and peace of mind so you don’t have to worry about the unexpected and can focus on enjoying your trip.

Travel often? Consider annual travelers insurance. Call us for a Quote

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Travel insurance is essential and highly recommended, especially for cancellation and medical purposes. At the time of booking, we will offer you 3 insurance options. The most comprehensive coverage which you could purchase is the Deluxe policy, which will cover you for non-pre-existing medical conditions related to hospital medical while outside your province, cancellation, trip interruption, baggage and missed connections. Also available to you is the Non-Medical coverage that provides you the same coverage included above, excluding the medical portion, if you are confident that your current personal or group insurance policy or credit card coverage provides this coverage.

Did you know that even though you live in Canada, if you travel outside the province you could possibly not be covered for ALL your medical expenses? If you travel outside the province often consider travelers insurance while ensuring you're covered everywhere, any time, all the time.

We STRONGLY recommend always having travelers insurance when traveling.
Buy your travel insurance now by clicking on the image below.

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Should you decline insurance overage, we will contact you after making your travel arrangements to confirm that no travel insurance coverage is required.

Contact us to find out about the variety of packages that are available and suitable for you, or simply click on the Manulife Travel Insurance link below, for an easy on-line quote or to purchase your policy today.

Some employers offer travelers insurance but be sure to understand what your policy covers. Remember there are many reasons to get travel insurance... and no reason not while ensuring you are covered while traveling.

The Manulife travel insurance guide which details the coverage, rules and restrictions to your travel insurance policy.

manulife insurance

We sell strictly Manulife travel insurance. We believe in the coverage and value of their services and rank them as the best travel insurance company provider. We do what is right to our customers. Travel insurance should always be considered when traveling out of the country.

You can also visit our website Insurance 4 which offers additional information about the travel insurance for Canadians.






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